Different Types of Container Gantry Crane

Gantry cranes come in handy when you have to pick up very heavy objects like engines of ships or automobiles and similar items. The ones that are used to carry containers from the shipyards are also known as container gantry cranes. They have a supporting framework that can extend to the full length of the yard. These cranes work on a rail track  that is placed beside the containers and the crane picks up the container and loads it on to the ship. When it has to unload something from the ship, the rail tracks are placed on the side of the ship and the crane lifts the container  from it. Now, there are different types of container gantry cranes (grúa pórtico para contenedores) based on the way in which they work.

Different Types of Container Gantry Crane
Different Types of Container Gantry Crane

The high-profile container gantry crane

In this system, the boom of the crane is hinged alongside the waterside. That means the structure of the crane will be placed right at the side of the ship on the water. The crane is then lifted in order to make sure that the ship is clear for navigation. If you want more quality product information and prices, please click gruaportico.cl/

The low-profile container gantry crane

The second type of container gantry crane is the one where the boom of the crane will be shifted toward and then over the ship. This will help the crane to load or unload the containers up and above the ship. Low-profile container gantry cranes are mostly used in containers terminals that are located close to an airport. Since they are slightly smaller than the high-profile gantry cranes, they will not obstruct the navigation of the ship. If you are more interested in the tire contaier gantry crane, please click http://gruaportico.cl/grua-transtainer/

Ideally, the type of crane (tipo de Grúa Pórtico) that will be used to load and offload containers in a ship is decided according to the local environment and the style and design of the containers. So, it is not always easy to confirm the type of crane before checking the container and its design.

Types of Container Gantry Crane
Types of Container Gantry Crane

Categories of container gantry cranes

The types of container gantry cranes are also categorized according to their sizes and the weight-lifting capacity of gantry crane (capacidad de elevación). Here are the types of container gantry cranes given below:

• Panamax – the cranes that can pass through the Panama Canal are known as the Panamax gantry cranes. These cranes can lift containers 12 – 13 containers and have the capacity to load and unload from a Panamax-class container.
• Post-Panamax – these cranes are used to load and offload containers from container ships that are too big to pass through (pasar por) the Panama Canal. Their capacity is more than Panamax containers as they can lift 18 containers .
• Super-post-Panamax – these are the largest rubber container gantry cranes (grua portico sobre ruedas) that you will ever see. They are often used in international shipyards. The size of the crane is huge and it can lift two 20-footer containers in one attempt. Although the system is complicated and the size is much bigger, the flexibility of the super-post-Panamax makes it the preferred choice for most of the shipyards.

With so many varieties of container gantry cranes, it will be easy to understand which one will be suitable for your job. So, have an idea of the weight of the container and choose the crane wisely.

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